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We deliver HR outsoUrcing services through an integrated technology

We offer comprehensive employment services such as payroll and benefits administration, HR management, and assistance with employer compliance.

With Our Company as your strategic HR partner, you can focus on developing your products, services and employees, instead of HR.

Core Services


We at PayCoUS, believe in a customised approach with regards to Human Resources and other administration. We help you save time by our time tracking and payroll business software and even guide you through the startling and the obscure of work related issues. Request Free Consultation.

Talent Acquisition 93%
Compensation Consulting 70%
Corporate Ethics Program 86%

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While We Focus on Our HR

Terry M. White - President

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PayCoUS supports your business in all Human resource outsourcing needs. Our specialized professionals offers end to end payroll services, which helps in keeping your backend HR tasks running smooth plus also helps businesses to focus more on their core mission.

Apart from this our payroll experts, helps to get accurate and timely outsourcing support which is agreeable with the most recent laws and guidelines. With our comprehensive business intelligence options, you’ll have all the tools and software you need for extraordinary talent.

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